How we teach:

In our music school, we teach children both music and soft skills (such as team-work, confidence, empathy and communication). At the beginning of the basic course, the kids will try out different instruments during the first 4 classes. In every class (2 hours), they get a chance to play 2 instruments (i.e. drums and keyboards; or bass and guitar; or drums and singing with a uke. After that they can decide which instrument they like best.

Our methodology is based on live playing. Students get into „the primary consciousness“ where they learn faster and become more creative together. During the band practice, students are given the space to be in the present moment, to improvise and well as practice the songs they learnt – i.e. we combine both spontaneity and discipline. The method has a lot of beneficial aspects (it helps treat ADHD, anger, lack of energy, isolation, etc.). It is based not on competition but on cooperation.

The core of the methodology was devised by Blanka Maderová (and her colleagues) during her Fulbright scholarship at Harvard University, at the Department of Music. It makes use of the latest research from musicology and neuroscience, as well as the practice and experience of the teachers involved.

The classes take place once a week and they involve 1 hour of individual classes (or class taught to 2 students) and 1 hour of band practice. There are 4 teachers teaching at the same time, and leading the band practice afterwards.